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Aflatoon Capsules

Musli safed

Rejuvenativeherb for reproductivesystem so it is usefulin prematureejaculation & cronicleucorrhea.


Jawatri is being strong and hot in nature, it has a special effecton the nourvous systemand thus help in sexual indequacies, it has an irritating effect on the mucous mamberance.



Jaiphal is use in importancy and prematureejaculation. It is also used in Dysmenorrhea. Beingaphrodisiac and stimulant of menstruction.


Shilajeet prevets the action of free redical machanism and delays aging process, incresing sex drivein onother important benefits of shilajeet. It is well knownaphorodisiac property and can be describe as a safe ibibo enhancer.


Brahmi is a nervine tonic which calms down the mind. these characteristics makes Brahmi very usefull in loss of memory, sizopherenia and other psyychic problems

Tal makhana

Tal makhana is increses energy, stamina and vitality, sexual desire and performance, ad also to increase fertility. Helps overcome premature ejaculation & last longer, promotes stronger and fimer erections. Enhances power & pleasure.


Ashwagandha is recommended in the anciant kama sutra for heightening sexual experience ashwagandha has been used for thousands of year to treate impotence, premature ejaculation, infertility and erection disorders.


Effective in Seminal weakness, Stress, Fatigue, Exhaustion, general Weakness & loss of libido.

Dose :

Two capsule daily with milk one hour before going to bed for two to three weeks followed by one Capsule daily Or as directed by the Physician.