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Mughal Gold Capsules & Massage Oil

Musli Safed

Nourishes each ad every tissure level of body especially the Shukra Dhatu and adjuvant for vigor and vitality. It is specially indicated in Diabetes induced infertility is a rejuvenative herb for reproductive system and enhances immunity system of the body.

Vang Bhasam

It is used in the treatement of premature ejaculation, noctural emission, weight loss and chroic bronchial diseases.

kauch Beej

It is anti aging Ayurveda herb, male infertility, erectile dysfunction. It promotes muscle mass and body weight, improves the quality of semen.


Grodchi is one of the best rejuvenating Ayurveda herbs which nourishes the body physically as well as psycologically and can delay the signs of ageing.


Gokhru is among the best rejuvenating Ayurveda herbs for complete health in general ad for healthy reproductive systems in particuar. Gokshura corrects the working of kidneys and urinary system.


Ashwagandha is specially indicated in male infertility as it improves the quality as well as the quality of sperms. As a word means which smells like horse and it is renowned for imparting vigor and vitality like thet of a horse.

Mugal Gold Capsule Indications

Effective in Seminal weakness, Stress, Fatigue, Exhaustion, general Weakness & loss of libido.


Two capsule daily with milk one hour before going to bed for two to three weeks followed by one

Mughal Gold Massage Oil Indication:

After massage of this oil it helps to stimulation of libido & increase vigor, so it helps to stimulate the erection power & gives muscular and nervine Strength.




Massage 10 to 15 drops gently on the penis shaft (but not on the penis forehead), Morning & bed time at least 60 days.