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Pylo Gone Capsules


Daruharidra is appetizer,liver stimulant, cholagogue but astringent. A larger dose is laxative. The fruit is very tasty and antidipsetic. Becauce of these actions Daruharidra is a superior medicine in agnimandya, dysentery, jaundice and other liver disorders.


Arsaghna is stomachic and tonic, used in piles and given as a restorative in dyspepsia, debility, etc



Shallaki is an appertizer and digestive, therefore useful in Digesion.Horse Gram(Kulth):The use of horse gram in the diet relieves the pain of dry piles.


Sharpunkha as spleen plays an important in maintenance of the RBCs; so it is very useful in maintaining normal hemoglobin level and functional of blood. By improving the liver functions; It corrects the working of the digestive system
and benefits in metabolic disorders.


It acts as an appetizer as it helps in proper digestion of the food.


They are antibacterial, antifungul.

Gives relieves in

Useful in both types of piles viz., bleeding piles & dry piles;
Relieves related complicatios like pain, burning sensation & colic pain.
Protects fistula-in-ano if taken for some days regularly.
Helps in reducig the inflammation pain
Arrest bleeding
Reduce pile mass
Prevents recurrence of piles