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Rinargic-7 Syrup


Brahmi is valuable plant for brain and entire nervous system, is used in epilepsy and mania. It helps in depression and mentalretardation by enhancing intelligece and in small doses has cardio tonic property.


shankhpushpi is the best nature remedy for reduce stress level and sleeping disorders. It is specially used to improve intellectual power of children.



Ashwagandha is a sedative and nervine tonic, It helps in atonic nervs, faiting, giddiness and insomnia. It is a appetizer, carminative, anthelmintic ad also useful in abdominal pain, constipation. It increase wieght, improves immunity. Used in debilitating diseases and marasmus in children.


It corrects the working of digestive system in all aspects. It nourishes the whole body specially the eyes and the reproductive organs , It is recommended in coditions of physical weakness ad low nutritive condition. It is especially beneficialfor a feeding mother as it cleanses the mammary glands and improves lactation. It is very useful in amenorrahea and puerperal disorders. It also benefits in vaginal pain.

Gulab Phool

Gulab Phool is used to treat acidity and constipaton as it is an excellent digestive. It is used as a cooling tonic to treat fatigue and memory, eyesight, cheerfulness and it is a good blood purifies as well.


Ajwain removes unwantes gases from the digestve system and correct the reproductive organs. It is one of the best analgestic herbs and helps a lot in Dysmenorrhea- paionful menstrual cycle.


Effective in Stress, Fatigue, Exhaustion, general weakness & loss of memory


Two capsule daily with milk one hour before going to bed for two to three weeks followed by one Capsule daily Or as directed by the Physician.