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Nari Pushp Syrup

Ashok Chal

Ashok chal is specially indicates in conditions of exessive bleeding hermorrhoids. It is used for menorrhagia so; It is called a friend of women.

Loh Bhasam

Loh Bhasam is a Ayurvedic medicine prepared from iron. It is used in ayurvedic treatment of aemia, eye disorders, skin diseses etc.


Naag Kesar

Naag Kesar is very useful in bleeding disorders specially excessive bleeding during menstrual cycle.

Bal Tagar

It has extensive use for treatment of women patients. Nervous sympotoms during menopause are well-teated by this root. It is also considered a tonic for the urogential organs particularly usefull as diuretic and emmenagogue.


Shatavari is a rejuvenating ayurveda herb specially for the female reproductive organs. It nourishes the ovum and increase fertility.


Majuphal is used to stop bleeding in menorrhagia (excessive bleeding during menstrual cycle). It is specially recommended in female reproductive disorders like extra growths and prolapsed of the uterus.

used in:

Indications : An exclusive ayurvedic formula for women, formulated by keeping in view their special needs, indicted in irregularity, weakness, backache pains, fatigue etc. Promotes appetite, restores hormonal functioning of the system, purifies blood, tones up skin. Buils up strength & stamina & keeps women healthy and active throughout the month.