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Sandhi Rakshak Capsules


Shilajeet is a very remedy in arthritic conditions like rheumatoid arthritis,
osteoarthritis, gout and other joint related problems and back pain has a very good pain relieving effect in any kind of injury and muscular pain due to similar property mentioned above shilajeet is said to work as anti-inflammatory substance.


In case of injury its mixture administered orally reduces pain and promotes circulation


nirgundi is used in swelling, asthritic pain.

Mahayograj Guggal

Mahayograj guggal has anti-oxidant action , Provides strength to muscles, ligaments and nerves corrects metabolism and provides strength to the body, relieves nerve irritation relieves pai, stiffeness and inflammation, Potentates the action of other madicines.


It is very useful in reduce swelling and foul swelling in skin disorders.

Laxadi guggal

Laxadi guggal is particularly helpful for healing broke bones, fractures, osteophytes removal. It is really an excellent natural formula to enhance calcium deposition on bones.


Ashwagandha is useful in both rheumatoid and osteo arthritis becouse it supports the muscles as well as cartilage parts of joints. Rountine use of its also delays the signs of ageing that it a drug of choice as rasayana.