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Tension Free Capsules


Shankhpushpi is the best natural remedy for reduce stress level and sleeping disorders. It is one of the best ayurveda herbs to nourish the brain tissues. This is a brain tonic specially for the conditions of memory loss, schizophrenia, convulsion and intelligence related problems.


Sarpagandha is known as indian snake root, which is a very useful herb specially for regulating the blood pressure. It calms dow the agitated mind thus works on mind heart axis thus normalizing the blood pressure.It also induces natural sleep. It is very helpful in mental symptom arising from hypertension


Jatamansi relieves the stress, anxiety and depression and induces healthy sleep. Healthy Sleep mean without any addiction and depression effect. It is a herb of choice for natural support for mental disorders like schizophrenia and epilepsy. It is a very good herb to calm down the agitated mind and keep it in relexed mode. It calms down the always wandering brain and induces natural sleep. It also work well in gynecological problems ad vata disease. It will calm down the restless mind and deepen the sleep.


ashwagandha is a sedative and nervine tonic, It helps in atonic nerves, faiting, giddiness and insomnia.


Brahmi helps in depression and mental retardation by enhancing intelligence. A nervie tonic which calms down the mind. these characterstics make brami very useful in loss of money and other psychic problems.


Vacha is one of the best rejuvenating herbs for nervous system. It directly acts on speech centers in brain thus improves speaking ability. It is useful in calming the restless mind thus it alleviates anxiety, insanity and other psychological ups and downs. It also improves working of digestive and urinary system.

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