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Kantakari is useful in cough. It helps in vataj type of cough. It helps as an expectorant and demulcent.


Vasaka liquefies the kapha which gets expectorated. It causes bronchodilation and therefore breathing becomes easier. vasaka is used in asthma, breathlessness and throat infection.


It suppresses vatta and pitta and acts as cough expectorant


Tulsi has a main action on respiratory system. Its leaves are given with honey, they act as an expectorant. It is very good for cold, cough and fever


Munakka is helpful to enhance the function of the immune system


Satpudina is very beneficial for asthma patients. It’s Strong aroma helps in opening up congestion of nose, throat, bronchial lungs. It helps in removing mucus & phlegm from the respiratory tract. It is used widely i9n inhalers and
cough medicines.